Bullet3/pybullet Simulator Contribution

Bullet3/pybullet is very popular physics simulator, widely used for computer graphics.

Now the deep_mimic environment has the support for a popular motion capture dataset, Human3.6M. I’ve contributed an specialized inverse kinematics module to pybullet_env/deep_mimic, so the 3D position data(not necessary needs to be in Human3.6M) can be transformed to quaternions(control parameters), which can be used by the humanoid agent in bullet simulator. See [Bullet3]

Screening of genes and pathways of PTC

A bioinfomatics and data-mining paper, SCI Impact Factor: 1.871.

Genetic expression profile‑based screening of genes and pathways associated with papillary thyroid carcinoma

Authors: Shubin Li, Yihang Yin, Hong Yu

Oncology Letters, Spandidos Publications [Paper Page]

CityVision Project

CityVision is a smart-city research project, analyzing massive street-view pictures. Funded by Chinese Academy of Science and Beihang University. (中科院科教协同创新计划)

CityVision [Project page]